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Oil Painting on Canvas Hidden Beauty Series 05

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Hidden Beauty Series 

Material: Oil in Canvas

*Available in different sizes


The sky is clear, I don't see any clouds painting, I feel like I’m missing,

and when I see clouds in the sky, I feel like I’ve met a friend, there’s so

little to describe that friend, A cloud that changes, relaxes, rains, and is

friendly with the wind. As we walk through nature, we see so many

shapes, the colors of which are pleasing to the eye, and the beauty of

these shapes overwhelms us when we get close to them, we see

different shades of colors at the most subtle level, not all ordinary

people are aware of it, and those people Deprived of this beauty, the

artist tries his best to show this beauty, In my painting, things like this

come without my knowledge and then I do that I am very happy to see.

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